Gail Howard

Since childhood, Gail Howard had envisioned a big wide world awaiting her – with its freedom of unlimited possibilities.

She never feared the unknown. To Gail, strange new countries offered new opportunities, new interests to pursue, new people to meet. Travel was her passion. World travel was Gail Howard’s Life Plan. Her second passion was dance.

Gail Howard was a naive 19 year-old ready to experience the world when she set off on her first journey -- to the Territory of Alaska, where she spent the summer.

Unfortunately her first experience included an unpleasant escape from date rape, and only because she had dancer’s legs was she powerful enough to stop the unwanted entry. In spite of this distressing incident, her spirit of determination to see the world remained steadfast.

After finishing college, Gail embarked on a trip around the world that lasted 12 years and included 130 countries. Always curious about the people, the sights, the native food and music, Gail was not the usual tourist.

Gail immersed herself in the countries where she traveled, often working or buying or selling art objects, antiques, antiquities, precious stones, refrigeration, lumber or other things. Each country was a unique adventure.

The narrative for each of the ten travel web sites Gail has posted so far is taken from letters she wrote home from around the world, with a gallery of photos taken at the time.

Gail Howard’s travel adventure web sites include:
South Pacific

And, of course, Gail Howard’s most popular web site for lottery software and books:

Lottery Master Guide book by Gail Howard

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